Exponential Runge-Kutta schemes for inhomogeneous Boltzmann equations with high order of accuracy

Qin Li, Lorenzo Pareschi
(13/08/2012 arXiv:1208.2622J. Comp. Phys. 259, (2014) pagg. 402-420)

We consider the development of exponential methods for the robust time discretization of space inhomogeneous Boltzmann equations in stiff regimes. Compared to the space homogeneous case, or more in general to the case of splitting based methods, studied in Dimarco Pareschi (SIAM J. Num. Anal. 2011) a major difficulty is that the local Maxwellian equilibrium state is not constant in a time step and thus needs a proper numerical treatment.
We show how to derive asymptotic preserving (AP) schemes of arbitrary order and in particular using the Shu-Osher representation of Runge-Kutta methods we explore the monotonicity properties of such schemes, like strong stability preserving (SSP) and positivity preserving. Several numerical results confirm our analysis.